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    We take our Jeep, nicknamed Yipao, and drive all over Colombia, through each coffee growing region, searching for the best single-origin coffee beans.

    All our coffee beans are handpicked and chosen meticulously. We know that this is the only way they will become the best cup of coffee for you.

    The wealth of Colombian coffee culture is vast. Each region and each plantation have their own features, which allows us to offer you a variety of single origin beans. They are all so wonderful, you won’t know which one to choose!


     We know that a good cup of coffee does not rest on the origin alone. Paying close attention to roasting the beans is truly important to bring out each origin’s particular notes. We develop the potential of each origin with this process, always protecting the profile and the original notes from each lot.

    Roasting small amounts allows us to offer you a very fresh coffee bean. Our goal is to have the coffee beans get to you just days from having been roasted, and of course, whole. We only grind coffee per your request and shortly before shipping it. This way, you can enjoy the fragrance and taste of the best Colombian coffee to its fullest extent.