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    “Do what you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life"

    We are two Colombian entrepreneurs who have lived in San Diego, CA since 2012. Yipao Coffee® was born of the love and pride we have for our country, our culture and our flagship product, Colombian coffee.

    It is a great pleasure for us take our Jeep and roam through our Colombian coffee farms, surrounded by green mountains. It is delightful to hear our coffee farmers tell their stories of daily work, to see how dedicated they are to growing, harvesting and selecting the best coffee beans with their own hands. Once these coffee beans are here, we toast them meticulously. Then, delighting all your senses, you can brew and enjoy a wonderful cup of Colombian coffee.

    We truly value the efforts made by the coffee growers to create a special product of the highest quality. We know life in the fields in Colombia has never been easy. Beyond the difficult terrain, steep mountains and lack of opportunities, everyone knows our country has suffered from a long and complicated armed conflict and a past marked by violence which brought on drug trafficking. The people living in the countryside have suffered the brunt of these events.

    Therefore, for us, these humble workers, women and men, are the true heroes of our country. We want to be able to offer what little help we can to allow them to show the world what a treasure they labor to create. The growers want you to understand how important the quality of the coffee they grow is to them, and we want the growers to be duly compensated.

    Our efforts go to bringing you specialty Colombian coffees. You will be delighted with their fragrance and the seductive taste of the different origins. The combination of these sensory delights will carry your spirit to those green mountains and to those happy growers, the pride of our country.

    Photo Credits to Israel Palacio