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    The name Yipao Coffee® is a tribute to a beloved character in Colombian coffee culture. Every cup of Colombian coffee enjoyed by millions of people around the world, is due to the effort of men and women who count on the help of an irreplaceable companion:

    The Yipao, a precursor to the 4x4 Jeep, is able to carry at least a ton of the world’s best coffee through the rugged and steep Colombian mountains. For more than half a century, the Yipao has been a witness to and champion of the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The first US military Jeeps (M38 or CJ-2A models) arrived in Colombia in 1946.  Soon they became very popular among coffee farmers who saw they could count on the Jeep to cover the difficult roads and access the country’s mountainous regions. In addition to coffee, Jeeps are used to transport other agricultural products which before were carried by mules and horses. Now the Jeep is known as the “mechanical mule”.

    Yipao Coffee strives to offer you premium coffee from Colombia. May each sip surround you with all our magic, our joy, and our heritage.