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    SCA Education

    Coffee Education News!

    Professionals and amateurs who love the world of specialty coffee, from December 7 to 12, we will be offering a SCA Certification course in San Diego.

    Earn your SCA Certification and take your coffee knowledge to the next level with the Specialty Coffee Institute's Coffee Skills program.

    Our friend Johnattan Vazz Matias @coffeehuntingjv is a certified SCA trainer, coffee consultant, and has worked with several cafés in Europe and Latin America. John will be visiting SoCal, and we will have him at home sharing his knowledge. It’s a great opportunity for all those who want to improve and grow in their knowledge about coffee, from baristas, roasters, coffee shop owners to coffee-lovers enthusiasts.


    1.  Barista skills
    2. Roasting skills 
    3. Sensory skills 

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